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Situated at a central location in a prime business hub in Mumbai, IMMAST boasts of a world-class infrastructure spread over 12,000 sq. ft. The state-of-the-art facilities and ultra-modern equipment at IMMAST make it the most advanced center in the country that not only promises to elevate the skills of the medical professionals & health care team, but also gives them the confidence and motivation to embrace, practice and master the art of Surgery and Medicine.

With over 300 national and international eminent faculty with comprehensive clinical experience and expertise, IMMAST is committed to ‘teaching a doctor’ & not just demonstrating a procedure. IMMAST has the highest Faculty : Participant ratio and thus offers the promise of personalized attention from the masters. The faculty members at IMMAST have international stature, with extensive number of patents and numerous publications in scientific journals the world over. They come from different institutional set ups viz. Government Medical Institutes, Teaching Hospitals, Corporate hospitals etc., thereby further strengthening their vast knowledge & experience pool. The pride that faculty take in teaching at IMMAST is the driving force behind our success.

The Course Design & Training imparted at IMMAST ensures knowledge sharing by experts, and all-encompassing courses make IMMAST one of the few centers globally, to focus on procedure and not merely product-based training. Our trainees are trained on close-to-life models that hold animal tissue and perfectly mimic human anatomy, including pulsating vessels. Trainees learn by performing procedures on both ex-vivo and in-vivo animal tissue.

Through more than 50 different structured learning courses, IMMAST offers the complete gamut of Basic to Advanced levels of learning, and some beyond the field of medicine & surgery – unconventional yet contemporary courses viz. Medical Writing, Cognitive Skill Development in Surgery, that are conducted by renowned surgeon from India & overseas. At IMMAST, the unique Medico-legal session is one of the most engaging sessions that promises a sound guidance and knowledge sharing for our participants. IMMAST is the only centre in India to offer training in both flexible and rigid endoscopy. Doctors are taught exact do’s & don’ts, tips & tricks, in a non-judging free-exchange environment.

The core strength of IMMAST is its autonomous professionalism, the unique ingeniously created, indigenous training simulators, and its outstanding Faculty, drawn from all over India. At IMMAST, we offer the promise of not just providing the top-class courses in Surgery & Medicine, but also support our International and National alumni with life-long practice sessions & ongoing advice from the respective faculties.

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