Institute of Medical and Minimal Access Surgery Training (IMMAST) is an academic initiative run by doctors, for doctors & other healthcare professionals. Truly an unmatched learning experience, IMMAST provides simulation-based training courses that use an optimal mix of theory and hands-on practice for step-by-step learning of medical and surgical procedures.

IMMAST is Asia’s only simulation-based training center for healthcare professionals which provides more than 70 hands-on training courses in over 20 super & sub specialties, under one roof. IMMAST has more than 18000 sq ft of training spaces (including wet labs, lecture halls, auditorium, and simulation labs) dedicated to hands-on training.

IMMAST is the only facility of its kind that offers near-life, breathing-bleeding, animal tissue models for hands-on practice of procedures. These models closely mimic living human anatomy and are the next best thing for practice.

Renowned experts form the faculty pool at IMMAST. Pioneers, inventors, and masters of their fields of specialization, these experts provide over-the-shoulder training and their personal mentorship to trainees, in state-of-the-art labs fitted to simulate OR environment.

IMMAST offers hands-on training courses in over 20 super & sub specialties. The courses are designed to enhance the skills of healthcare practitioners and propagate safe and standard practices, at basic, step-up and advanced levels.

These training courses include more than 70 procedures in various specialties, including Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Pulmonology, GI Endoscopy & Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Cardiology, General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Orthopaedics, Diabetology, General Practice, Aesthetics, Imaging, and more.

IMMAST is an accredited training center of The Royal College of Surgeons of England. Training courses carry international CPD points as well as CME points from Maharashtra Medical Council. IMMAST is an ISO certified organization and carries accreditations from many other national and international bodies.

Simulation based learning is being increasingly adopted by trainers across the globe, in fields that need perfectly practiced motor skills such as aviation and increasingly, healthcare.
The depth of learning at IMMAST can be significant, as the courses are designed to provide a well-structured blend of didactic sessions & hands-on training using near-life animal models, under the personal supervision of experts. The laser focus on practical experience and skill enhancement leads to substantial learning outcomes. The immersive nature of the training, coupled with the use of real equipment and specialized instruction, aims to maximize the knowledge and proficiency gained within the limited timeframe. Participants can expect a concentrated and intensive learning experience, tailored to deliver essential expertise and best practices in their respective fields. The emphasis on practical application and close-to-life simulation is intended to ensure that the training is comprehensive and impactful, and the learning curve is short.
Personal supervision of experts ensures that the training is delivered in a structured stepwise manner, easy to learn and assimilate in routine practice.

Every course at IMMAST has been designed for specific professionals. Check the eligibility criteria for each course, mentioned clearly under the heading “Who Should Attend”.

While a brief introduction to the course can be viewed on the relevant page, a user must register their profile to view details and register for a course. Registration can be initiated by clicking on the link for “Register Now”.

Owing to well defined eligibility criteria, and focused agenda, each training course caters to the learning needs of specific professionals in the fraternity. To ensure that you find clear and correct answer to your learning needs, we urge you to upload a copy of your degree / diploma / certificate that qualifies you for the training. Those applying from outside Indian territories are required to upload their Passport details.

Please ensure that all fields of the registration form are filled correctly. To help us process your application faster.

You will receive a notification by email from IMMAST, indicating that the status of your application has been updated. You can login to the website and check your personal dashboard for acceptance.

No. IMMAST only charges a registration fee for the training course. Registration of User profile can be done free of charge.

There are many hotels and lodges within 2-4 kilometers of IMMAST, which offer budget to luxury stay. Participants must make their own arrangements for travel and stay, as per their choice.

Yes. All attending participants who pass the post course assessment are awarded certificates.

Yes. All registered participants receive pre-course reading materials in order to prepare for the training. All attending participants receive post-course reference materials to complement the learning at IMMAST.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England has awarded its seal of accreditation to IMMAST, as its official accredited training center. Training courses at IMMAST carry international CPD points awarded by RCSE.

Yes, you may apply for a postponement of your registration provided there is a seat available in the next scheduled training course, and your request has reached us by email at least 15 working days before the course commences.
Requests not fulfilling the above criteria may be deemed ineligible for such a consideration.

Write to IMMAST’s team member coordinating with you and to contact@immast.org . Please read our Enrolment, Payments, Cancellation, Postponements & Refunds Policy by clicking here.

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